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New from Verlinden Productions

Post  Jenny Ryan on Wed Jan 11, 2012 5:27 am

Here are the new releases for January from Verlinden

2708 1:35 Panzerwerk Milling Machine
This is a resin kit of a machine shop milling machine in 1:35. It can be assembled to be displayed in various working positions.

2709 1:32 Flight Deck 'Mule' Hot Air Tractor
This is the third kit of their Mule tractor in 1:32, featuring the extended rear bustle for hot air applications. Stainless steel PE stencil included for markings.

2710 1:35 SIG 33 Ammo/Cases
This is a resin set of ammo projectiles, propellants, and cases for the German SIG 33.

2711 120mm Greek Slinger
This is a 1/16 scale (120mm) all resin Greek slinger. He wears a trimmed smock and sandals, and carries a bag for his projectiles as he prepares to unleash his sling onto his target. Resin groundwork base is included.

2712 1:35 Marder III Crew - Ammo - Stowage
This is a resin set designed to dress up any 1:35 Marder III. Included are detailed crew, ammunition, and various German AFV and figure stowage items.

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