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New from Inside The Armour

Post  Jenny Ryan on Tue Feb 21, 2012 3:40 am

Chris from Inside The Armour has anounced two way awesome new conversion kits

35051 Churchill ARV II

A comprehensive and sizeable conversion for any AFV Club Churchill kit

Contains full internal winch gear and ARV fittings, drivers compartment interior, complete exterior conversion, brass cable, brass besa and bonus PE Tools and toolbox.

On vehicle tool stowage can be depicted open or closed, Spade can be depicted stowed or deployed, Jibs can be depicted stowed or deployed plus numerous other options

(this kit is based on the Cromwell ARVII with numerous parts remastered and retooled to change it to a conversion kit. Significant numbers of parts have been changed or added by Inside the Armour, including resin and the PE)

This kit is on sale now

35054 Churchill MkIcs

Contains all the parts in kit number 35042 plus extra 3in howitzer barrel, breech and PzIII Cuppola. Allows the modeller to depict any one of the 8 Churchill MkIs converted by the North Irish Horse for close support duties. Includes photoetched parts

(This kit is based upon former Cromwell models masters, retooled and enhanced with additional new parts by Inside the Armour)

This kit will be released on 10th March

To order or for more details go to the INSIDE THE ARMOUR WEBSITE .

Jenny flower
Jenny Ryan
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Re: New from Inside The Armour

Post  carabinier on Tue Feb 21, 2012 12:19 pm

i like the ARV that has a million dio possibilities Very Happy
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