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New from Dioart

Post  Jenny Ryan on Tue Jun 12, 2012 12:31 pm

Well I got a lovely parcel of new goodies from Dioart today.

One of the best things about a progressive company like Dioart is their ability to listen and cater to our needs , I mentioned to Arthur that their was a lack of accessories to go with the new Tasca Panzer II and Zundapp in 1/24 , as well as the Hasegawa Kubelwagen and Jeep , Italeri Jeep and Opel Blitz . He has named this sheet the "Jenny's Special" but it is

2401 WWII North Africa 1/24scale Maps , Pin ups , Newspapers , posters, paybooks , mine markers , signposts and even cigarette packets !

Back to 1/35 Scale

253 Modern-Israeli Signs-The Six Day War

254 Modern-Israeli Signs-Present Day

Russki Pack WWII Soviet Signage

The Dioart Flags are exceptionally good , are printed in perfect registration on both sides , shown here Modern Russian and Jolly Roger Flags

Dioart also have printed items on cloth , for maximum authenticity on dioramas such as
DSE001-Cafe AwningsandDSE002-Persian Carpets Just awesome for some eye popping detail to your diorama !

You can order Dioart direct from the Dioart website or you can view the entire range at BNA Modelworld Website

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