Reality In Scale December Releases.

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Reality In Scale December Releases.

Post  G Cooper on Thu Dec 06, 2012 12:47 am

If you haven't heard of these guys, you have been missing something. Because they put out some really great diorama acessories. Here is what they have out new for this month.

"The Factory". A nice piece to put something in front of, or coming out of too. And this one comes with the signage you see on the building. Wink

A "Rowing Boat". I think it's a little boat that you are supposed to row in What a Face

And some "Water Birds" to maybe go along with a rowing boat that might be in the water somewhere.

A set of "Cabinets" for maybe some demolished house dioramas er summthin.

A real nice "North African House" just perfect for either WWII or modern dioramas I would think. And the house comes with that poster you see on the wall and the opaque windows.

And a "Large African Well" to go along with the house, or just a stand alone piece.

And some nice 3D tile sets for doing house interiors. This is a set of wall tiles.

More wall tiles. For some reason this looks like bathroom tile to me What a Face

And what they list as "Floor Tile" but I would think you could probably get away with using it as wall tile if you wanted.

Then a set of "Food Supplies" that comes with the decals to get the proper labels on all the diffrent packages. Hmmmm. I wonder if there might be a diorama with some big pieces of cheese and some hungry little mices in the near future coming from someone we all know Wink

And a set of "Improvised Drum Stoves" that would be just perfect for a Russian front diorama.

Then what they call "Small White Flowers"

And "Small White/Red Flowers"

And finally what they refer to as "Natural Trees".

There is lots of stuff here to look at and play with. And it is all kewl. So maybe consider giving a hint or two about what you might want under the dead tree in your living room tongue . You can find them and all they offer here at their site.

Gary Cool

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Great factory front

Post  Detlev on Thu Dec 06, 2012 1:54 am

this item is a must have for my VK and prototypes .I will buy one as fast as it´s available

greetings Detlev
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