Voyagers December releases.

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Voyagers December releases.

Post  G Cooper on Wed Dec 19, 2012 3:41 am

So much fun. So much glittering shiney stuff. So kewl.

Here's the announced December releases from the wonderful folks at Voyager.

First up is a set of hinges. Some piano hinges, and some nice looking regular hinges. Just great for detailing an existing piece, or for your scratch built whateveritis that needs a hinge or two.

Then a couple of sets to spice up the new MiniArt Gaz AAA 1940 mod truck. First is a cool set of tracks to wrap around the rear wheels for a deep snow vehicle, or one that is navigating Russia's famous "General mud" Wink .

And then a general detail set for the same Gaz AAA 1940.

And there is a set for the Panda Hobby 2S6M Tunguska.

Also a set for another anti wingy thingy. The Trumpeter JGSDF Type 87.

Then there is this set for the new release from Amusing Hobby for their VK30.02

And a set for the Dragon early Tiger I.

And for those of you that like to go BIG, there is a set for that ginormous T-28 from Dragon.

And another of their "Jumbo" sets. This time around it is for the already beautiful Meng Merkava 3D.

And finally this really cool little home made technical with one heck of a punch. A set for the Meng vs 001/002.

That's it for this month from Voyager. But it is quite a bit really. Just about something for everybody I think. So get the glue out, and have some fun What a Face .

Gary Cool

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Re: Voyagers December releases.

Post  Jenny Ryan on Wed Dec 19, 2012 4:15 am

Nice range of Goodies Gary ! Very Happy

Jenny flower
Jenny Ryan
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