Voyagers May releases.

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Voyagers May releases.

Post  G Cooper on Mon May 27, 2013 2:28 am

Hi Y'all : What a Face

It's a new month, so there is a whole new batch of bright shiney fun from Voyager because as Terry Ashley said "It never stops" when it comes to new releases Very Happy .

So lets just get right to it.

First is a set for the Drogon Type 95. This one is interesting because it fits both the Drogon kit, and the Dragon kit Suspect .

And the basic set comes with the turned barrel. Or if you don't want the photo etch, they are selling the barrel as an individual piece too.

And there is a set for the Dragon M1A2 TUSK2 basic set.

And a set for the Trumpeter T-62 Model 1972 ERA blocks. It looks like it also comes with a little bit of other details like engine screens maybe and a few bits here and there. But mostly it is the ERA blocks.

And there are two sets out for the Trumpeter KV-85/KV-122. A set of fenders, and a basic set.

And Trumpeters BTR 70 basic set.

And for the Tamiya Tiran 5 a set of fenders, a set of machine guns, and a basic set.

And a set for the already very nice Meng Merkava Mk3 BAZ.

And a set for the new T-26 from Hobbyboss . This one also comes with the barrel in the set like the one for the Drogon Type 95.

And the Hobby boss Pzkw I (F) basic set.

And finally some intake screens, and side fenders for the Trumpeter big 1/16th scale Tiger I.

Well that should be enough to keep us all busy for at least another month Very Happy . See Y'all in June.

Gary Cool

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