Voyager's July releases

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Voyager's July releases

Post  G Cooper on Thu Aug 01, 2013 7:27 pm

Voyager has some nice stuff this month. Some things for newer kits, and some things for kits that have been around for a while.

Something for Trumpeters M-1083 with the sheet metal cab.

And again this month, the M-1083 with the armored cab.

And a couple sets for the Trumpeter BM-21 starting off with a set for the rocket launcher tubes, that comes with 5 rockets.

And a separate set of 20 rockets.

And a basic set for the vehicle.

And a set of fenders for the Trumpeter 2S3 SPG

And a basic set to go with the fenders.

And a generic set for modern Italian smoke grenade launchers.

And for the new Meng T-90, first the side armor/skirts.

And a basic set to go with them.

Then for the little Hobby Boss Pz II J a basic set.

And an extended series of sets for the Dragon Ostwind, or any 37mm armed vehicles or just the gun. First up is a set of the rounds and the clips that feed the rounds into the gun, with the storage boxes.

And a set with the barrel , 5 rounds, and half the box and clip set.

And a set of just the spent rounds.

And finally a basic set for the Dragon kit.

And a basic set for the Academy Pz 35(t)

And that should be enough to keep us all very busy until next month when Voyager releases a flood of new sets to keep us all dreaming of all the cool kits we want to build.


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Re: Voyager's July releases

Post  Jenny Ryan on Fri Aug 02, 2013 12:19 am

A beautiful range of goodies , I bet you are looking forward to getting the ammo and detail sets for the ostwind too Very Happy .

Thanks for posting .

Jenny flower
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