Voyagers Sept. releases.

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Voyagers Sept. releases.

Post  G Cooper on Fri Sep 13, 2013 12:41 am

Lots more cool stuff coming from I believe the most prolific photo-etch manufacturers at Voyager.

First up this time is a set of the ERA blocks for Trumpeters T-62

Then a nice set of resin tires for the Trumpeter Ural truck.

And a set for the new Trumpeter PLA BJ2121 Jeep thingy

And some nice stuff also for the Trumpeter MK 23 MTVR. This is the basic set.

And also a set for the Trumpeter BMP-1 P1.

And then for the new Tamiya Type 10 they give you two choices. First is a simple one of choosing to only get the replacement barrel.

Or you could get the basic detail set with comes with the barrel.

And a nice replacement barrel for your choice of the new T-90 kits.

And next is a couple sets for the Meng D9R "Doobies". First is a set for the U.S. version.

And two sets for the IDF version of the D9R. One is a set of just the RPG cage.

Or you could get the basic set which comes with the cage armor.

And a basic set for the Hobby Boss Toldi III.

And something for the new Hobby Boss Pz I Ausf F (late) basic set.

And 3 sets for the Dragon StuG IV late. First is a set of those swinging side skirts.

And then what they call "add on part". It is a set for the engine deck storage racks.

And a basic set.

And then a set for the AFV Club Schwimwagen.

That should be enough for this month. See yah all in October.

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Re: Voyagers Sept. releases.

Post  Jenny Ryan on Fri Sep 13, 2013 2:56 am

Oh what a lovely lot of goodies again from Voyager , and a mighty big cheer for posting such a comrephensive review of them all Gary cheers cheers cheers  .

Hmmmmm having endured climbing onto a real D9 , not the easiest thing when you are 4'11", I have no idea how the hell you are meant to get into a Doobi with that slat armour on it ??? scratch scratch scratch scratch 

Jenny flower 
Jenny Ryan
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Re: Voyagers Sept. releases.

Post  S P Hammerton on Fri Sep 13, 2013 9:37 am

Amazing stuff. I really want that Doobi, it's excellent that stuff like that is getting attention these days.


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Re: Voyagers Sept. releases.

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