Build review of the Trumpeter T-90 (Cast Turret)

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Build review of the Trumpeter T-90 (Cast Turret)

Post  Umineko on Sun Oct 13, 2013 2:53 pm

I've started building the Trumpeter T-90... so far everything is going very nicely, parts fit is excellent and parts are free of distortion, flash and sink marks. The fine details on the parts is also coming as quite a surprise. Having just finished building the excellent Meng kit I have high expectations, and so far the Trumpeter kit is living up to or exceeding them. Details are for the most part as good as the Meng kit even though they lack the working features found in that kit (something that will doubtless be of little concern to serious modellers) in some cases though the detail is even better than the Meng kit, for example the track tensioners and front idler is in my opinion more accurately represented and the track return guide plates (missing on the Meng kit, though to be fair they may have been deleted on later versions, I am still trying to determine if this is the case) are included here (though they can't be seen when the kit is completed) certainly if you want to depict a T-90 with the track shields removed (rare but it does happen) then this is the kit you want. I was very impressed with the entrenching device fitted to the Meng kit, and at the time I said it was the most accurate depiction I had ever seen of this device, well the Trumpeter one goes one step further and allows you to show it deployed (although you will have to fill some ejector pin marks) it's a really nice touch particularly for diorama possibilities. More to come soon

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Re: Build review of the Trumpeter T-90 (Cast Turret)

Post  G Cooper on Mon Oct 21, 2013 1:45 am

Hi Azrael:

Thank you for posting this to give us all a good look at what our choices are for a nice T-90 Very Happy .


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