Voyagers January releases.

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Voyagers January releases.

Post  G Cooper on Mon Jan 13, 2014 12:09 am

Hi everybody:

Voyager took December off at the end of last year, but they are right back at it again to start the new year off. So lets just get straight to it.

First up is a set for the new Zevezda Early Tiger I

And two choices for how you want to detail your Trumpeter T-90.

First is a simple set of just the barrel for the 2A46 125mm main gun with the smoke dischargers.

Or the basic set which comes without the gun barrel, but all the other stuff .

And a nice set for the new Tamiya M561 Gamma Goat.

And also a selection of sets for the new Meng Leopard 1.

A set with the main gun barrel and the smoke grenades.

And a set of 5 modern German antenna bases. These could obviously go with anything German, but it is a no brainer that they are for the Leopard.

And the basic set that comes with the main gun and smoke grenades, but oddly, not the antennas  Rolling Eyes 

And then there is a nice basic set for the Dragon StuG III G Late kit. Unfortunately they are following their typical pattern of not including the side skirts or fenders in this set  Suspect 

And another collection of sets for the Dragon JagdTiger.

First is a set of the side fenders. But this is one I REALLY don't like. As it is only the sides, and does NOT include the front or rear mud flap portions  Evil or Very Mad . In my opinion this is nothing more than a pathetic ploy to get people to buy more sets from them.

And one that is just the main gun barrel.

And the basic set which also includes the main gun, and those front and rear mud flaps Rolling Eyes .

And then there is a basic set for the Amusing Hobby Obyect 279.

And two sets for the AFV Club NM116 Norwegian Anti Tank tank?  Rolling Eyes 

A set for the fenders.

And then a basic set.

And then another basic set for the AFV Club M-109A6.

And a set called "add on parts" for I assume the Dragon M-48 kit.

And finally, for those of you that really really want to drive yourselves insane  clown , there is a set of tracks for the new FT-17s.

Well, that is enough for me I think. So until next time, have fun and build something  What a Face .

Gary  Cool 

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Re: Voyagers January releases.

Post  Jenny Ryan on Mon Jan 13, 2014 2:09 am

Well what an exciting lot of shiny goodies , the only one I would probably get is the Patton set , as I do not have many of the others , cept the goat which is built and I am not interested in PE tracks for my FT-17 LOL

Jenny  flower 
Jenny Ryan
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